Former President Jordi Pujol votes for Catalonia’s independence

Former Catalan President Jordi Pujol has declared on the radio that he has already voted “Yes” by advance poll in the upcoming popular referendum for independence that will take place on April the 10th in Barcelona.

Jordi Pujol was the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya for more than two decades and his policies were always aimed to try to make Catalonia fit in Spain as he believed in a plurinational Spain. A couple of months ago he surprised everybody by saying that seeing the unfair treatment Catalonia receives from Spain, and seeing that after 30 years the situation seems to be getting even worse, he had no arguments left against independence and that it might be the only option for Catalonia’s survival.

This week he made a speech called “Irrelevant or independent? Is there another solution?” along similar lines which was awaited with much expectation. Yesterday, in a radio program he again surprised everybody by saying that he had already voted for independence in the popular ballots.

Pujol’s support is a huge publicity boost for the popular referendums for independence that started in September 2009 in Arenys de Munt and have now taken place in approximately half of the Catalan municipalities (previous articles on this here and here). More than 60000 volunteers have participated in the organisation of these referendums since the start of the initiative. Taking into account Pujol’s impeccable democratic record his support only increases the importance of the event.

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  1. Aquest article s’ha d’enviar a tots els mitjans de comunicació internacionals!!

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