April the 10th, the popular referendum takes place in Barcelona

The organisation is ready, it has been going on for months already and the accumulated experience from the previous rounds has been a key factor for the success of this round. On sunday, the popular referendum for the independence of Catalonia, one of the most important events of this generation of Catalans, will take place in Barcelona. It all started in Arenys de Munt and now has spread, through successive rounds to 532 towns and villages in Catalonia involving more than 60000 volunteers. (Check out previous rounds here, here, here and here)

More than 10% of early votes have already been collected this time, which several hundred volunteers have organised. Several politicians, amongst others, former Catalan president Pujol and current president Mas have given their support and voted already for the independence of Catalonia. (If when I started this blog somebody had told me in 2011 I would be writing that last sentence I wouldn’t have believed them.)

The next step, according to the referendum organisers, should be for the Catalan Parliament to organise a full scale official referendum of independence with the proper resources and then in case of an affirmative result act accordingly and start the steps for the international recognition of Catalonia’s independence.

Since luckily I happen to be in Barcelona at the moment I am currently giving the local organisers in Sants, my area, a hand and I’ll be reporting live on sunday from this blog and on twitter from the local headquarters about what goes on. Keep checking this blog for updates.

Next week, on April the 13th, it will get interesting since a law proposal made by SI for a unilateral declaration of independence will be voted in the Catalan Parliament. The law will very likely not get through but the debate, especially the arguments of those who will vote against it or abstain, will be very interesting since most groups practice a calculated ambiguity in this matter and the voters have the right to know who is defending their rights.

I’ll leave you with a video advertisement for the Barcelona referendum with english subtitles:

Don’t Vote (No votis) – Catalan with English subs from Belisarius on Vimeo.

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