The 11 facts you need to know about Catalonia’s Sept 11th 2017

The 11 facts you need to know about Catalonia’s Sept 11th 2017:

1- In Sept 11th 1714 Barcelona fell against the Spanish army after a long siege

2 – The centuries old Government (the Generalitat), rest of ruling institutions and Catalan Constitution were abolished

3 – September 11th became the memorial for those who died defending Catalonia’s sovereignty

4- On 1977 the Generalitat was restored for the second time after a Franco’s 4 decades long fascist dictatorship

5- 2006, a new Statute of Autonomy was passed after negotiations in Catalonia & Madrid. Catalans validated it through a referendum

6 – 2010, a Spanish Constitutional Court ruling cut back fundamental articles of the Statute of Autonomy

7- This dramatically increased support for Catalan independence until the proindependence movement became the political driving force

8- The yearly #11S peaceful rallies have become the way to propel the proindependence movement forward past successive milestones

9- Madrid’s complete refusal to discuss any aspect of Catalonia’s selfgovernment has only increased support for independence

10- Today’s rally is to support the Oct 1st selfdetermination referendum the Generalitat has organised despite opposition from Spain

11 – If  Yes wins the upcoming October 1st referendum the Parliament will declare the Catalan Republic shortly afterwards

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