Spanish Military threatens: “Catalonia’s independence? Over my dead body”

Spanish Army Colonel Francisco Alamán Castro has declared on an interview to a Spanish website that “Catalonia’s independence will be over my dead body and many others’ too. The military made a sacred vow to carry out the constitutional command which consecrates the unity of Spain as a inalienable right. We also vowed to defend its territorial integrity with our lifes if necessary. But we have something those people will never have: sense of honor and duty”

Catalan deputy Joan Tardà has already requested the Spanish Miniter of Defence appearance to give explanations about the military threats to Catalonia and to publicly disavow Francisco Alamán Castro.

3 thoughts to “Spanish Military threatens: “Catalonia’s independence? Over my dead body””

  1. Scary stuff. I don’t suppose anything will happen to him for saying this.
    Talk like this will I suppose in some ways bolster the independence movement but on the other hand it will (as it is intended to do) scare many people away from making the final push for independence.

  2. Like any imperial state, whether it be Britain or Spain, or whoever. You are free to do what you like, long as it nothing they disagree with or places your interest in front of theirs. If you do, you have to suffer the consequences and Democracy can go swing while that happens.

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