Spain threatens to stop paying Catalan pensioners

Mas has been talking about the possibility to unilaterally create a Catalan Tax Agency to stop the plundering in case Spain refuses to negotiate before the end of the year.

In response to this PP’s representative in Catalonia, Sánchez-Camacho, threatened yesterday in the Catalan Parliament with the possibility to stop paying Catalan pensioners.

Not only this strategy, if possible, would be despicable, because pensioners are the weakest part of a society. It is also an interesting way of showing how unattached they seem from these workers who they swear they consider Spanish and who have contributed for decades to the Spanish social security system.

However, truth is, there is no Spanish pensions fund from where pensions are payed. Current pensions are payed with a short delay with money coming from current workers’ contributions to the social security system. And Catalonia, as usual in these matters, loses from being part of Spain since it also contributes much more than it gets back.

In the likely future scenario of unfriendly confrontation between Catalonia and Spain the former would easily pay its pensions but that would not be the case for Spain. In that case, Catalonia would be able to immediately take over the pensions and even increase them. But with this they have confirmed that Spain will resort to any sort of morally dubious tactics to attempt to stop Catalonia’s independence.

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