European Commission prioritizes happier cows to citizens’ rights?

Through Reagrupament I find that the European Commission has already accepted 4 European Citizens’ Intitiatives but hasn’t yet decided on the EU Internal Enlargement one. Amongst the accepted ones there is one to support cows’ rights, even though these were submitted at after the EU Internal Enlargement one.

Let’s hope the European Commission quickly comes back with an answer on the EU Internal Enlargement issue since European Citizens must have a chance to make themselves heard when it comes to high level European Politics. Or will they make true the perception that the European Union is a bureaucratic institution far from its citizens?

The EU Internal Enlargement is a very important matter since it will rule about whether the states arising from a secession of an existing member state would become automatically European Union members.

It would be against the EU’s interests if Catalonia, Scotland, Flanders or Wales would be outside of the European Union once they become independent states but this is an excellent opportunity to arise awareness about this issue that in the next few years is going to occupy the European agenda.

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