The threshold of Spain

The Kings of Spain

Two years ago the Spanish King’s football Cup final was played by Barça and Athletic Club de Bilbao, two non Spanish teams. The supporters of both teams agreed to give the Spanish Bourbon a warm welcome by whistling so loud that the Spanish anthem could not be heard. The Spanish TV edited the live sound of the stadium and cut the booing from the broadcast. I mentioned it in a previous post.

Another booing happened last year during the final of the Spanish basketball King’s Cup final, Barça against Real Madrid. This was the sound on the stadium as recorded by a member of the audience while the anthem was played, can you hear it?

This year Barça are playing the Spanish King’s Cup football final again, this time against Real Madrid. In order to prevent the Spanish anthem from not being heard thanks to the lung power of the Barça fans the Spanish Football Federation have hired an extra loud PA system. The anthem will sound this time at 120 decibels, which is about as loud as a jet plane and above the threshold of human pain. This is illegal since the maximum allowed in public shows is 90 dB.

Catalan party Solidaritat Catalana have already warned that they’ll sue the Spanish Football Federation for endangering public health if they go above the maximum allowed.

In the meantime, Barça supporters have been reminded to bring their whistles, they want to give the Bourbon a nice welcome.

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