World record Lip Dub for the independence of Catalonia

As an interesting note, I really enjoyed the “Lip Dub for the independence” which has been certified by the World Records Academy as the World Record of people in a Lip Dub. It gathered 5771 people in Vic, Catalonia to raise awareness that Catalonia is a nation and that its survival is not assured without independence.

According to the definition in Wikipedia a Lip Dub is a video that combines people lip synching to a song that is afterwards edited with the original audio of the song.

This particular one is very sophisticated since it synced hundreds thousands of people on a single take performing, dancing and singing to a song by “Obrint Pas” and all I have to say is that it’s brilliant, enjoy it.

2 thoughts to “World record Lip Dub for the independence of Catalonia”

  1. hehe! I love this video. It’s got the dance, the crazy Catalan fire-throwing, the giant heads, and the silly, sorry “better than America” field hockey! Can’t wait to come!

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