The birth of the Catalan News Agency is great news

Only a few weeks ago the Agència Catalana de Notícies have launched the Catalan News Agency, which is the first news agency which broadcasts news about Catalonia from Catalonia entirely in English. This is great news and takes a step further towards filling a void since all international media journalists live in Madrid and not in Barcelona, hence reading Spanish press and for this reason most news about the conflict between Catalonia and Spain on international media show a clear bias towards Madrid’s side of the story.

The Col·lectiu Emma, for instance, have recently done an excellent job in publicly replying to international media whenever a new case of Spanish-biased information is published about Catalonia. However, that is not enough, even though necessary we can’t rely forever solely on blogs for the important task of internationalising Catalonia, the clear deficit of information regarding Catalonia must also be filled by media groups. I hope this initiative is just the first towards the creation of a strong pool of media resources about Catalonia in english. That’s why I can’t but welcome the birth of the Catalan News Agency with the aim in explaining the relevant news about what’s going on in Catalonia in english for the world.

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