Reagrupament in London

Thank you everyone who joined us on monday. It was fantastic to see so many people so far away from home who are enthusiastic, came to the conference and later on joined the debate. I had a great time.

I was also delighted to meet Michael from Syniadau, an excellent blog about building an independent Wales. I wish all the best to the Welsh people and their country. I follow any advances in the national situation over there with a lot of interest.

4 thoughts to “Reagrupament in London”

  1. Good work. Thanks for doing this around the world.

    I do wish the video was not edited though, as it seems dis-jointed.

    Will you be posting the entire meeting at some future date?

  2. Thanks Àlex, I’m glad you liked it and no I haven’t planned posting the whole video, it’d be too long for the internet

  3. Thanks Albert. I very much appreciated your talk and the debate and conversations afterwards. Plus the excellent Catalan wine!

    Perhaps you could put the slide show up on your blog. I’ve used Slideshare before, and it’s free.

  4. Hi Michael,

    the slides I used for the financial data are all from the Cercle Català de Negocis (CCN), it is a lobby of businesspeople for the independence of Catalonia, they are doing an awesome work and nobody to date has been able to refute their data. Also, they have made available all their presentations online, here , unfortunately they are in Catalan but many of them should be relatively easy to understand since they are graphs and numbers

    In fact I only used a small selection of them because they have loads and loads of resources. If I ever have time I might translate some to english but I’d rather use that effort to write a more meaningful article about some aspect of the topics the slides cover

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