In London next monday talking about the independence of Catalonia

First México and next stop is London. I’ll be holding the conference “The Benefits of the Independence” that I already held in Mérida and Guadalajara in México but this time in english! So if any english speaking readers in the area are interested in knowing more about the current political situation in Catalonia and its future independence this is an excellent chance you’re going to have to hear about it first hand and ask as many questions as you want. You are all welcome to join us.

I’ll be talking about Catalonia’s history and political background, the popular movement towards independence that started a few years ago and gained strength last year after the popular referendum in Arenys that has spread to more than 400 towns all over Catalonia. I’ll talk about the financial reasons for Catalonia’s independence and how this will be achieved through democratic means.

After the conference there’ll be, as always, a round of questions and finally we’ll toast with some nice Catalan wine for the independence of Catalonia and for the good results of Reagrupament, the political association I volunteer for, on the upcoming Catalan elections that take place on November the 28th.

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  1. One question,why is this being held in London, the equivalent to Madrid for the Scottish Indepentists?

    I am sure you would have been guaranteed a full house at a venue in Edinburgh and Glasgow eith perhaps equally charged, but in smaller venues throughout Scotland.

  2. Hi James, thanks for your suggestion doing a presentation in Scotland is indeed on the agenda and I hope to be personally involved when it happens because I love Scotland but for several reasons it was convenient to do this one in London. One of those reasons being that the largest Catalan expat community in the UK is there so with the Catalan elections coming up in 3 weeks time not only we want to target a foreign audience but getting the message to them was to be taken into account. Plus my girlfriend currently lives there 😉

  3. Albert,

    Thanks for the prompt feedback.

    I blog sometimes for a Scottish independence blog

    We have started picking up blogs from CAT and have just reproduced one by Montserrat Tura on Social Catalanism.

    We were hoping to have someone at your London presentation but by the time we realised you were coming and the closeness of what could be your defining election, means that this will be unlikely.

    If you are coming to Scotland please write to Newsnet, you will find their contact e-mail address online or simply use

    I am sure you will receive good support and assistance.

  4. Incidentally it was the Frankly Francophone blog which pointed me to Catalunya and their parallel struggle.

    Perhaps we learn from each others’ experiences.

  5. Thanks James, I’ll keep a look on that blog and I do follow the Scottish independentism with a lot of interest because whichever country gets there first will the pioneer within the European Union so that will create a very useful precedent for the rest.

    PS there’s always a chance Barça will end up playing against a London team at some point at the Champions League

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