Gràcies! / Thank you!

5000 pàgines visitades

Today my blog has just reached 5000 views and about 3000 visits. I would like to thank you all for your support. I started this blog inspired by the spirit from Arenys de Munt, I chose english because I realised after having lived abroad for 7 years how little people from other countries know about Catalunya and realising how important to broaden the available information in foreign languages to gain as much support as possible when we declare the independence. We’ll need the other main democratic countries to acknowledge Catalunya’s new status. So from here I wanted to make a little contribution to that. Thank you, I’ll keep sharing my opinions and welcoming the conversation until the time when Catalonia regains its independence.

Avui el meu blog ha arribat a 5000 pàgines visitades i unes 3000 visites. M’agradaria agraïr a tothom pel vostre suport. Vaig començar aquest blog inspirat per l’esperit d’Arenys de Munt. Vaig escollir l’anglès ja que vaig adonar-me, després d’haver viscut a l’estranger vora 7 anys, que la gent que viu a altres països coneix molt poc sobre Catalunya i sabent com d’important és ampliar la informació disponible en idiomes estrangers per a guanyar el màxim suport possible quan declarem la independència. Ens caldrà el suport dels principals països democràtics per a reconeixer el nou estatus de Catalunya. Per tant, des d’aquí volia fer una petita contribució a aquesta causa. Gràcies, seguiré compartint aquests articles i agraïnt la conversa amb vosaltres fins que arribi el moment en què Catalunya reguany la seva independència.

3 thoughts to “Gràcies! / Thank you!”

  1. Congratulations, Albert!

    Strangely, or no so strangely, we both have chosen English for simlar reasons. And we both are arrogant enough to dare to speak in the name of a larger community; you represent Catalan nationalists, I speak for those you (correctly) refer to when you say: “We’ll need the other main democratic countries to acknowledge Catalunya’s new status.”

    In this dispute, I am quite happy to see that you do everything to avoid that you (that ominous plural “you” you use) receive such an acknowledgement.

    You (and that plural “you”) make Catalan nationalism transparent to the outsider.


  2. Candide! I’m glad you’re following this blog so eagerly. Thanks for your opinion. The biggest achievement catalans have acomplished with the popular referendums of independence is that now the political agenda is centered around independence.

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