Why can’t Catalonia’s national teams enter official competitions?


I went with some friends last tuesday to the Catalonia – Argentina football match. The result was excellent 4-2, both teams displayed excellent football directed by football legends Johan Cruyff and Diego Armando Maradona. The game registered a really good turnover, around 53000 people. This made me wonder, if Catalonia can show that we have a national team that can beat one the best football national teams in the world why can’t it play official competitions? Why do we Catalans have to resign to one friendly match a year when we have the potential to be a reference in sports worldwide? When will our players represent their national colours? The answer is simple, the Spanish will never allow Catalonia to have its own national teams play in official competitions since they know the impact that would have in their own results. The only solution is to have our own state. That way the next day Catalan national teams will play official competitions and I will have a reason to celebrate when Catalan players win competitions representing our country.

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  1. First of all the stadium was half full, there were about 43% of the seats still left to sell.Secondly if you think that people like Pujol,Valdés and co would really play for the region of Catalunya over Spain then you are on class A my friend.Thirdly and most importantly, Catalonia is a region and not a country – always has been and always will be….Visca Barça 🙂

  2. Hi Barça Blog, firstly, for friendly matches the Spanish national team playing in Madrid gets similar numbers of tickets sold and there’s a few more Spanish people you’d think more people would go…, secondly, the question is, why should Catalan players play for Spain when they can play for Catalonia? plus once Catalonia is independent this won’t even a topic of discussion and thirdly, whatever you or I wish Catalonia was doesn’t change the fact that it is a nation and country. Thanks.

  3. I’d prefer to watch Barca kick Real’s ass in La Liga over a national team that will probably barely make it passed the first round every four years.

    Being independent may have some advantages, but it probably won’t make for very exciting football.

  4. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment, we’d still see Barça kick Real Madrid’s ass in the Champions League and although I’d rather take being independent over good football any day I’m sure we can achieve both simultaneously.

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