Barça’s best year

Barça's best year

Last week Barça won the football clubs championship in Abu Dhabi therefore winning all six competitions it has taken part this year and being the first team to ever achieve this plus a very nice 2-6 result against Real Madrid last spring. I do feel proud and happy when the team of my city wins competitions and even more when it wins them all.

The most important for me is the way they have achieved it, thanks to Catalans like Pep Guardiola, Joan Laporta, Puyol, Xavi, Piqué, Valdés, Busquets and Bojan Barça has achieved their biggest success ever and become universal at the time when they have been more proudly and openly Catalan and independentist. They also win playing their way with no compromises: with hard work, no arrogance, beautiful game and putting the team before any individualism. This is how they have gained everyone’s respect and compliments and at the same time projecting Catalonia’s identity in the world. Pep Guardiola is to the architect of this success, the coach that has revolutionised Barça with his hard work and spectacular playing style has written a page in sports history.

Something you notice when travelling is that no matter where you are, in the smallest remote village in the mountains as you walk down the street you’ll eventually see someone wearing a Barça t-shirt, with the little catalan flag at the back, which makes me feel good when I am far from home.

Thanks Barça. Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya!

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