Catalonia Direct is a project to enable people from all over the world to gain an insight into the independence process going on at the moment in Catalonia.

Catalonia is one of Europe’s oldest nations and, as many other nations around the world, is currently stateless. It has a long democratic tradition, beginning with the creation of the first Parliament in Europe and was one of the first nations to fight fascism in the 20th century.

In the last few years a peaceful but unstoppable awareness that the only solution for many of Catalonia’s problems is to recover its sovereignty and become a state within the European Union has grown. Now this feeling is struggling to find a political translation. These are exciting times for Catalonia and it is a privilege to be able to report the development of the events from these lines.

CataloniaDirect is currently:

Albert Martí – telecoms consultant, musician. Contact: albert [at] cataloniadirect.info

We hope you enjoy reading Catalonia Direct. Thank you and we hope to see you again soon.

Esperem que disfruteu llegint el Catalonia Direct. Gràcies i fins aviat!

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    ale adeuuu!

  2. t’acabo de descobrir, albert.
    gracies. m’ha agradat molt l’article.
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