Spain getting used to the idea of Catalonia leaving. Bi-weekly highlights.

2013/03/07 Rodríguez Ibarra, former President of southwestern Spanish region Extremadura, currently a member of Spain’s Council of State and one of the leading members of Spanish PSOE compares Catalan President Mas to Hitler and Mussolini. Unfortunately in Spain these type of irresponsible statements happen all too often and they never seem to have any consequences for those who make them but it is very worrying that they come from a leading member of the currently main opposition party in Spain.

2013/03/09 President Mas said, regarding the unfortunate statements by Rodríguez Ibarra, remarked that Catalonia will continue with its project and its open to dialogue attitude, “no matter how much we are insulted”. [ca]

2013/03/13 PSC voted a resolution in favour of negotiating with Spain a referendum of independence, joining the main Catalan parties in the pro Catalan sovereignty ranks. After voting differently to PSOE for the first time a few days before in the Spanish Parliament. Now 80% of the Catalan Parliament is for a Catalonia to vote to decide its future. Only PP and Ciudadanos are against it. This is very important since PSC has in the space of two weeks voted for the first time in its history differently than PSOE and now they have rectified their initial position against Catalonia’s sovereignty.

2013/03/15 One year after it’s constituency meeting the ANC (Catalan National Assembly), which organised the massive demonstration of September 11th 2012, held its second meeting in Girona, which gathered 3500 people. The ANC currently counts with around 12000 associates and is a grassroots movement which spinned off from the popular referendums for independence movement that organised 60000 volunteers all across Catalonia and has become the main civical platform to push for Catalonia’s independence. The ANC have agreed to continue leading the way for independence by means of peaceful protest and civil disobedience to the Spanish state. The AND supports a referendum before May 2014 and in case Spain blocked the possibility of a referendum considers a unilateral declaration of independence. It announces that this year’s September the 11th (Catalonia’s National Day) will organise a massive human chain across the country to raise awareness internationally, inspired by the human chain on 1989 that led to the independence of the Baltic countries.

2013/02/16 CiU and ERC leaders admit that the possibility of a Unilateral Declaration of Independence should Spain finally block a referendum of independence has been discussed [ca].

2013/03/18 Spain is already increasing its diplomatic efforts lobbying 22 european states to bias them against Catalonia’s independence [ca]. Spain is getting used to the idea that the Catalan process will end up in the international courts and broadening its attacks to the international sphere.

2013/03/18 Professor Christopher K. Connolly has published a report about the independence movements in Catalonia, Scotland and Flanders for the American Department of Justice. Professor Connolly considers worrying Spain’s position on the Catalan issue.

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