PP’s Valencian President Camps resigns over corruption case

Francisco Camps, President of the Valencian Generalitat, has resigned. Camps, who recently won the Valencian elections with PP, has been in the spotlight for a complex case of bribes in which many party members are involved and what seems to be only the tip of the iceberg of the corruption that goes deep into the Spanish party’s branch in the Valencian Country.

Camps, who has led the siege to Catalan language in the Valencian Country for years by shutting down the Catalan public TV repeaters in the country or more recently dismantling the Catalan language immersion option in schools, is facing a corruption suit over not paying 3 suits, considered to be bribes. This investigation is only a small part of a wider corruption case that involves PP in a complex network of bribes in exchange of political favors in the Valencian Country.

Camps’ initial intentions were to plead guilty so as not to face the trial and still continue in his position as Valencian President (!) but has been forced to face the trial and resign by Spanish PP leader Rajoy who feared the corruption case would affect his chances of winning the Spanish elections.

It is sometimes comforting that even though justice is usually too late and that these people will never pay to the extent they should that at least sometimes absolute impunity is not tolerated anymore. Especially for people who regularly make arrogant displays to show that they are above the rest of us.

Unfortunately, this will not mean a change in the political situation in the Valencian Country. But in any case, Camps has come out of the whole situation with an improved wardrobe.

Picture by gvaFranciscoCamps

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