Spanish exuberance: 1000 euros train ticket subsidies

Through Avui I read that Renfe, the Spanish railway operator, has finally cancelled the high speed train line between the cities of Toledo, Cuenca and Albacete. The line has transported 2796 passengers in 6 months and had a daily maintenance cost of 18000 euros.

If we do the math it means that every ticket was subsidized with more than one thousand euros of public money. The cruelest side of the story is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. And while this is going on in Spain in Catalonia the Government is going to approve 10% budget cuts in healthcare and education. And the worst is that the solution would be very simple but the Generalitat hasn’t even started organising a referendum of independence knowing that if it was done now the yes would get 60% of the votes.

Photo by calafellvalo

4 thoughts to “Spanish exuberance: 1000 euros train ticket subsidies”

  1. you mean from independence? it’s a bit like when they abolished slavery and some of the slaves would refuse to leave or when a husband hits his wife and she knows she should leave but doesn’t. After 300 years of being slaves Catalans are scared, it’s all irrational but very powerful. Luckily this seems to be slowly changing, but is taking time.

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