Spain forbids Basque Independentist party

Through Racocatalà I find that the Spanish Supreme Court has sentenced to not allow Sortu, a Basque left wing independentist party to register as a political party for the municipal elections next May.

In Spain, Basque left wing independentist parties were made illegal on the grounds that they are part of armed group ETA’s strategy and the conditions to be legalized was that they explicitly refuse violence. Sortu was born after a long period of debate within the left wing Basque independentism and in its foundational statute refuses all kinds of violence.

However, the Spanish Supreme Court base their sentence on the claims that they believe that Sortu are lying and are just part of ETA’s strategy (even though they haven’t been able to prove these). This now opens an uncertain phase since it is now unclear when will Spain allow left wing Basque independentism to be legalized again.

Thanks to the procedure, unusual in Europe, of illegalizing left wing Basque independentist parties the Spanish nationalist parties PP and PSOE have finally been able to kick the Basque right wing Basque party PNB out of the Basque government since 20% of Basque society has been left without political representation this way enforcing a Spanish national government in the Basque country.

Photo by European Citizen

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