Artur Mas: Best start ever

I still haven’t recovered from Mas’ amazing first moves as the brand new President of the Generalitat. I’m still rolling on the floor, laughing. He has made Pilar Fernández i Bozal, a Spanish State Attorney, Consellera de Justícia (so that you understand it, if Catalonia was independent a Conseller would be a Minister, so maybe we can call the current ones mockMinisters, they pretend they are Ministers but in reality are a (bad) joke). Bozal was the one who directed the Spanish State strategy against the popular referendums of independence. Great move Mr Mas, she’s taken her out of circulation and since now she’s a mockMinister she’s deactivated! High five!

Secondly, the Conseller d’Economia (Finance mockMinister), Mr Mas-Colell, even though he’s a prestigious economist has managed already to pull out a great starting move. Shortly after he was appointed mockMinister he said that the Generalitat is very indebted, which the readers of this blog knew already, and went on saying that the problem is that the Catalan health care system is inefficient and spends too much. That’s it. He’s cunningly not said a word about the 22000 million euros the poor Spanish reluctantly accept every year from us because they need them to fulfill their basic needs such as high speed trains going to worldwide financial centres such as Valladolid or Segovia. Obviously, I see Mr Mas-Colell’s point of view, high speed trains to Valladolid come before some Catalan person’s knee operation or some Catalan worker’s right to a decent train system! Or the fact that the Catalan health care system processes 10 million unique patients every year when Catalonia has a population of 7.5 million. But not saying these things is part of the strategy.

I believe with a President like Mas (I won’t call him the mockPresident because he’s the rightful president of (a joke called) the Generalitat) we are well on our way to independence. His cunning starting move by stealing Bozal from the Spanish to deactivate the legal opposition to the Popular Referendums of Independence will clear the way so that the Barcelona referendum in April is a great success that will be on newspapers all over the world and with Mas-Colell doing dramatic cuts to the Catalan health care (when it becomes so bad that nobody from outside will try to use it and therefore will stop leaking money) and keeping quiet about about the fiscal plundering so that the Generalitat will eventually default and need bailing out by who? yeah you’re right: the Spanish! How awesome will that be? Now I see what his campaign slogan about the Catalan people’s “right to decide” was all about.

Mr Mas, please let me go grab some more popcorn before you go on with the show.

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