An aspiring nation, The Republic of Cascadia

Since the South Sudanese have massively voted for their independence The Times magazine has published an entertaining article describing the, according to them, top 10 “aspiring nations”.

So I read the list, most of them are the usual suspects of countries aspiring to independence but something caught my eye, one of the “aspiring nations” was the “Republic of Cascadia”.

At that point I was very intrigued for never having heard about that country before, so I googled it only to find that, in fact, not only I knew where it was but I had even lived in Cascadia! According to Wikipedia, Cascadia would include the states of Oregon and Washington from the USA and the Canadian state province of British Columbia. So I couldn’t help but asking my girlfriend, who is from Vancouver (Cascadia?), about it. She said it was the first time she ever heard about it and found it very amusing.

In any case, I wish the Cascadians the best of luck in their struggle for independence!

At first I was a bit intrigued that they forgot to add Catalonia to the list, but now I take it as a good omen.

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