Organizing our free future, Reagrupament’s program

Laporta and Carretero

“Organizing our free future” is the name of Reagrupament’s political program (in catalan). It details in 130 pages how Reagrupament wants the future Catalan State to be and has been written by 650 associates in an unprecedented initiative in Catalan politics. I feel extremely proud of being able to say that I have contributed to it as well. Reagrupament’s main target is to achieve a majority of deputies in the Catalan Parliament and declare independence.

The document details things such as the language policies, Catalan and Occitan (spoken in the Aran Valley) will be the official languages, all public Catalan TV stations will broadcast entirely in Catalan, obviously. We will have our own national sports teams and our own diplomacy, intelligence service and army. It is a document that might seem obvious to many foreign people reading this but for us it is an extremely important exercise, to be able to picture the country that we want Catalonia to become. A normal country just like any other.

Also, today it is an important day for Catalonia because Reagrupament is holding is second national meeting, with Barça’s president Joan Laporta opening the ceremony, it is right now being broadcast online at Reagrupament’s website.


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