So now 52% of the Spanish are OK with our independence, seriously, who cares now?

Bye bye!

A new poll (link in catalan) that will be presented next friday in Madrid carried out by the UOC (just like this one) has found that 52% of the Spanish would accept Catalonia to become independent when we decide to. As I was reading it the first thought that crossed my mind was, so what?

According to that poll, 40% of Spanish people are OK with Catalonia using the right to self determination. Also, when Catalonia decides to become independent 72% of the Spanish think Spain should negotiate. But really, negotiate what? who wants to be part of a country that has proven to be a failure and might soon find itself out of the European currency? A country with a King who inherited his throne from Franco. A country that has never looked back to punish the crimes that happened after the Civil War and during the dictatorship. A country that protects fascist parties.

The poll went on to detail that a “generous” 56% would agree to give Catalonia the same treatment that the Basques and Navarra have always enjoyed (to collect their own taxes). That a ridiculous 27%, would be cool with Catalan being official in Spain. That a minuscule 32% would accept for Catalonia to have its own national sports teams.

Why negotiate with the Spanish something we will already have, and give up more, much more we will have gained the minute we decide to be free?

I wonder what would they exactly negotiate with. Will they give us back the thousands of trillions of euros they’ve stolen from the Catalans since 1714? Spain is broke. How can they compensate for 300 hundred years of oppression?

The last chance for Spain was the Statute, their short sightedness stopped them from seeing it but it will be better for us in the long run.

No, the minute after the Declaration of Independence we won’t have time to look back, we’ll be too busy working in reconstructing Catalonia, in making a country we’ll all feel proud of and where everyone who respects it will be welcome. Including the rest of the Catalan countries. The scars run deep, the wounds are serious but we are still alive. This is our last chance and freedom is not negotiable.

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