“If two million catalans vote in Barcelona the referendum will be binding”

Barcelona Decideix

Next sunday 700000 Catalan citizens in 170 municipalities across Catalonia will vote if they want their country to become a state within the European Union following the popular initiative started in Arenys de Munt las September. More referendums will be hold in March and April and yesterday the platform Barcelona Decideix announced in front of La Sagrada Familia that Barcelona will hold a referendum next April the 25th.

Several personalities like Alfons Godall, vicepresident of FC Barcelona, or Carles Móra, mayor of Arenys de Munt gave support to the initiative and even though they admit that planning this referendum only in 5 months will be a challenge they also said that noone will be able to question the strength of two million votes and that they achieve a high participation not only the referendums will be binding but they’ll also be final.

The organizers have calculated that they need 10000 volunteers to male it a reality although it shouldn’t be a problem since in December’s round of consultations more than 20000 volunteers have supported them all over Catalonia.

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