Another step towards banning bullfighting

Parlament de Catalunya

Bullfighting ban update. A historical day took place at the Catalan Parliament last week on December the 18th, on a secret voting session the deputies voted for or against taking forward the popular legistative initiative (ILP) to ban bullfighting. The yes won meaning that the final voting will be held next spring and hopefully unless things change dramatically bullfighting in Catalonia will soon be a thing of the past. The votings were held secretly, which I don’t really understand since to me it is very important to know who amongst our representatives is for or against this barbaric tradition. It is intriguing that anyone in this day and age can still defend bullfighting no matter what is your background, culture or religion, to me it is morally detestable.

The reaction in the Spanish media again was as expected to insult and to stress again how this tradition is part of Catalan history and that people have more important matters to care about than bullfighting and that this initiative doesn’t represent the feeling of the Catalan society (which is not true).

In my opinion, no matter whether bullfighting was at one point in the past popular in Catalonia it hasn’t been the case for many decades and it has no popular support whatsoever and therefore such a barbaric tradition should not be allowed, whether that makes us more Catalans and less Spanish is almost irrelevant, although I’m glad it does.

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