Spain will appeal each one of the 130 referendums of independence in Catalonia

Arenys' voting slips

In another display of Spain’s low democracy degree the Spanish attorney general has announced that they will appeal each and every one of the independence referendums (link in Spanish) scheduled to take place across Catalonia on December the 13th. This is another sample of the degree of hostility in Spain towards Catalonia and the low quality of their democracy, denying Catalan citizens the right to democratically decide.

Unfortunately for them the only effect this is going to have is give the event more publicity. Just like last September 13th in Arenys de Munt the referendums cannot be stopped since they are organized by (link in Catalan) private association with no involvement from the town councils.

So far more than 650000 catalans will have the right to vote in one of the referendums organized in one of the municipalities across Catalonia and a national referendum is being organized for next year. The votings will have the presence of international observers (link in Catalan) to give the event the required transparency and validity for the international community.

3 thoughts to “Spain will appeal each one of the 130 referendums of independence in Catalonia”

  1. What a sadly opinionated article and bad journalism. Catalonia has never been its own state, before or after the Crown of Aragon. The Crown of Aragon is Spain and so is Catalonia. Spain’s attorney general has every right to appeal these consultations.

    1. Thanks Jordi, you a good example of the hostile and intolerant attitude that I want to portray in this article.

      There’s nothing I can do if you don’t read history and learn that Catalonia amongst many things is one of the oldest nations in europe with one of the oldest democratic traditions with the first parliament in Europe in the Middle Ages. Modern Spain is based around the right of conquest of Castille over Catalonia, not as a pact amongst equals. Spain steals, insults and abuses Catalonia and treats it like a colony and therefore the Catalan state must be reestablished to defend our culture and our strategic interests.

      The appeals will only give the event more publicity. I honestly can’t believe the Spanish are making the same mistake again.

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