Reagrupament accuses the PSOE of Catalonia of boycott to their political meetings

Palau Sant Jordi

Reagrupament (link in catalan), the independentist political party, have denounced that PSOE of Catalonia (link in Spanish) have denied them the rental of the stadium for a public act on Sant Jordi’s day, the saint patron of Catalonia, next April. The Spanish party PSC currently holds the Barcelona city council. Apparently Reagrupament made a prebooking (link in catalan) for that date through a management company but after they filled the required forms and revealed it was Reagrupament that the booking was for they were denied the rental of the stadium without any feasible explanation. Reagrupament denounce that this is a constant problem every time they try to organise activities in a city or village controlled by the PSOE of Catalonia.

Reagrupament is a political party that has been recently formed which has only two points in their political program. Firstly, to make a unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia from the Catalan Parliament once there’s an independentist majority of deputies and secondly to regenerate the Catalan political system to increase its credibility and accountability.

Since they are a new political party still have no representation in the parliament although in a very short time they have gained great popularity within the hundreds of thousands of Catalan independentist voters that had stopped voting since there’s currently no party in the Catalan Parliament that actively works towards the independence.

Reagrupament has gathered more than 3000 affiliates in less than 6 months gaining more than 1300 in the last month and a half quickly bringing it close to become the 3rd or 4th party with the most affiliates in Catalonia. Since there’s still almost one year until the next Catalan elections are held it is likely they will be a disruptive force that will bring the independence to the first page of the Catalan political agenda and therefore it is under constant attack by the Spanish parties and even Catalan parties that fear they’ll lose a great share of power to Reagrupament.

Their attempt to rent Palau Sant Jordi, which can host up to 24.000 people, shows how much growth the independentist party is expecting to gain in the next few months.

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